Slaying 'the Vulture'

Feb 23, 2015, 1:24 AM |
Recently i played an interesting game with an opening variation i did not know before. the opening turned out to be "the vulture" variation of the modern Benoni.
It think the opening and its ideas are interesting and relatively unknown to many amateur players so that's the reason i publish it here.
So now you know the vulture and its ideas. the idea behind the following move is a novelty for me. It is also the starting point of a new way of approaching a position by making a 'not so obvious' move
the next question is: what should white do in this position?
Like i said before; this way of playing is a bit new to me, i am starting to get used to playing games with uneven material but especially the very first time you play a move which saccrifices a quality it feels a but strange (at leats to me) because you are tought not to trade something of more value for someting of less value.
as you can see at the end of the variation white has more then enough compensation for the quality.
  • initiative
  • knight and pawn for a rook
  • open A-file

the rest of the game was not free of faults but in the end white won.

The line was also played by two masters. the course of it was a bit different (white played the type of game better then i did).

I hope i have shed some light on an interesting opening and on the exchange sacrifice.