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Jun 3, 2008, 7:49 PM 1
Yeah, I don't write blogs about chess. Sure, it's fasinating to a degree. Sure, I want to learn to be able to at least beat my mom. And yes, I enjoy just watching it let alone playing. But seeing as I'm not some chess-playing prodigy, I can't exactly write about tactics, moves, situations, solutions, and basically anything about chess. Basically, I just move my pieces frantically trying to throw the opponent off-guard and then I do something stupid and lose. That's my tactics. So this just might be my one and only blog on this website. Laughing Feel proud that you're reading this! Okay, so actually, I'm sure you'd rather feel like this is wasting your time. Guess what. It is. Go play someone tough! That would be someone other than me! Wink

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