Endgame Techniques #1

Nov 11, 2013, 6:45 PM |

So i came across this position below.

At first I thought Isn't white just winning here? But after a closer look, it seems to be drawn. The interesting part is stockfish gives white a big advantage here. To give an idea, If white blocks with the rook, then black goes Rg1. If white takes the h pawn, then all the remaining pieces are only 6. So what next? The simplest solution is to feed this position to Nalimov Endgame Tablebases.


And It's a draw. This is remarkable, one might think, "Hey I could challenge black's rook and if he doesn't want to exchange then I could bring my king closer to the pawns." At least this is what i had in mind. But this is not that simple. 
Black's rook will always find a way to prevent white's king from supporting the pawns. And if white's rook move from the third row, then one pawn will be gone, and the other will follow soon. Too many If's and then's :D 

White could try delaying the pawn capture. But that just gives black enough counterplay.