10 Things I find Amusingly Absurd About Running a Blog:

Jun 27, 2016, 3:20 PM |


  1. Being called a troll

Meh. Just not true.

  1. Being called a sexist

Also untrue.

  1. Being call a man in disguise

Heh. I’m a girl. Sorry, not sorry.

  1. When the people who call me sexist say sexist things

At least be consistent.

  1. When people get mad that I don’t read every comment

There are like 95 pages of comments on my first blog.

  1. When people get mad that I don’t reply to every comment

See 5.

  1. People making fun of my username

Haha. There is a very dumb story behind that.

  1. Comments about my profile pic

I’m not changing to a tree. No. Just no.

  1. Semi-creepy attempts to win favor with me by agreeing with me but also having no idea what my argument really is…

You know what I’m talking about.

  1. Trolls

For a while, I was afraid to write about women and chess because of possibly being trolled. Now that I’ve done it, I’ve just realized being trolled is kind of amusing. Thanks to everyone that is engaging with my blogs with interesting ideas and comments.