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NewPlato gets lucky (or, why a pin isn't always a good thing)

Aug 26, 2012, 6:38 PM 2

This post comes with much thanks to my brother-in-law, known at chess.com as jc4hokies. He gave me permission to use this game for an annotation, and I think it highlights an exception to my earlier claim that aggressively pinning the other player's material to limit movement is the best thing to do. First, I must make something clear: jc4hokies beats me at just about every game. He is years ahead of me in chess studies and theory, and has been, for all intents and purposes, a long-distance mentor for me. It is because of him that I jumped back into chess and have become an avid player once more, and I owe him a great debt. I have beat him, oh, 3 times without the time clock as an excuse, versus probably well over a hundred times that he has beaten me by this point. As such, a win against him is an occasion for much screaming! The following game, then, marked the first time that I felt I beat him fair and square - not because he was having a bad day, or because he was too distracted, but because he just didn't see something I did. At least, I hope that was the case. If you were sleep-deprived, bro, please don't tell me :P enjoy!


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