The Original Fool's Mate

Aug 5, 2012, 5:27 PM |

In any chess enthusiast's development, there comes a point where they decide to move beyond the enjoyment of a mere hobby, into the world of the acolyte. For me this occurred the moment I laid my eyes on, so I want to give a brief thanks to my brother-in-law James, known here as jc4hokies. I have won two games against him; he has won, oh, maybe over a hundred games over me. Such is the draw of chess that I keep coming back for more!

In this blog I will focus on my own annotations of games by noted masters such as Morphy, Rubinstein, Capablanca and Kasparov, as well as bad games I have played myself. If we know the masters' pieces of advice, and we know how we play badly, then it would be hard to fail to improve... right? Anyway, as the Title suggests, here is the Original Fool's Mate:







Next blog: my first amateur annotation, in diametric opposition to the awfulness of the fool's mate: the Immortal Game!