Blogs Of The Month: April 2018
Our bloggers are awesome! Don't miss out. Blogs Of The Month: April 2018

May 15, 2018, 5:19 PM |

Hello chess fans,

Welcome to the second edition of our new Blogs of the Month series. As many of you know, we have the privilege of hosting the best chess bloggers on the internet. This is our way of thanking them for the hard work they put in to keeping us informed and entertained.

If you want to see what March 2018 had to offer, click here.

Here are some of the top blogs from April 2018:

Mark Waterfield: This blog entry is about something we're all familiar with... Tactics. Sometimes we get them right, sometimes not. These 2000-level tactics are a good way to wake up your brain before we continue.

Toucanchess: Good thing we're warmed up because toucanchess brings up some tough concepts. Defense is hard for even for strong players but Amos Burn was elite.


IM Wei Ming Kevin Goh: Between tournaments, IM Kevin Goh takes the time to review "The Complete Ragozin" opening book by GM Matthieu Cornette. The reviewer gives us the highlights in this instructive blog post.

IM Alexander Katz: This blog is about a controversial topic. Cheating in chess. This opinion piece was highly topical in April 2018, when many high profile and public cases came to the forefront of the chess world's collective mind.


Drew K: After all the heavy stuff in the previous posts, here is an amateur game with some analysis and a nice looking checkmate to cap off Drew's tournament. The opponent accelerated his own demise but even with better play, an equally pretty mate was coming.

IM Juan Rohl: This article is part of a series of blogs following Latin American chess players and tournaments. In particular, Venezuelan chess. Initially written in Spanish, these blogs give us insights into a part of the chess world which usually doesn't get front page coverage.

null News: We realize this entry is pretty self-serving. In our defense, this is a cool development.

That's it for April 2018. We hope you discovered some new and interesting blogs and bloggers. Let us know which ones you liked the most. Better yet, let the authors know!