Dev Update: April 14, 2017 Dev Update: April 14, 2017

Apr 14, 2017, 1:48 PM |


The last couple weeks have been focused on back-end improvements in order to make on the whole a smoother experience for all members  

However, we did release some cool new features and fixed a lot of bugs! Main Site

- All diagrams games have the option to see computer analysis right inside the board!


-  Are you a tournament director junkie? Well, tournaments just more than doubled in size! Platinum and Diamond members can now create tournaments with up to 250 members! 

-  We added additional symbols for the Analysis Board allowing for more nuanced notation:


- Be honest, are you doing the Drills you know you ought to be? If not, now is a great time to start! We gave the computer a full face-lift greatly increasing its speed!

Want to be ahead of the pack and help test new site features before the go mainstream? Join the Beta Club for details! 

Live Chess

- Safari users have had a rough go lately  However, we improved the connection settings for Safari which should be smoother now!

- We're certainly going to miss Simon's glee for auto promotion faux pas's but now you can temporarily disable auto-queen-promotion by holding ALT as you promote a pawn allowing you to choose another piece! 


- Ever tried to make the same move over and over again not realizing it was illegal? I have... Now, your king will flash letting you know!

- Are you a streamer? Well, we have some cool stuff in store for you! 

  • You can now draw arrows during your game! Just right click and drag just as with the analysis boards! 
  • Speaking of analysis boards, you have more control over the player information displayed with options to add avatar, title, rating and of course name!


When you're all done, it will look like this: 



I took a peek under the hood and the new version of the iOS app is huge and might release next week!   Android users might consider making a switch  

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3.5.3 IS  planned to be released next week with lots of updates and bug fixes! Check back here for the complete run down once it hits Google Play! 

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As always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report use the HELP icon in the navigation, or on mobile, Send Feedback in the Settings.

Thanks for your support!