Dev Update: August 28, 2017 Dev Update: August 28, 2017

Aug 28, 2017, 9:18 PM |


It's time for another fireside chat so pull up a chair as we dole out the newest updates and improvements. 

First off, we have a hard fast goal for an event many of us have been waiting on for ages. V2--the old slated to be retired 9/30/17.  We have big list of improvements that aren't possible while V2 is maintained and we are really looking forward to getting started!

For those of you who will miss V2, please consider taking this short survey and let us know what you'll miss the most.


 We are trying to squeeze in every last little bit of functionality so please let us know what you need! Main: 

We very nearly have a all new board ready to use across the site which has been our main focus here, but there are some new items to share here as well!

- We improved vacation; until now, if you had a conditional move triggered it would remove you from vacation but not any longer! 

- Had trouble finding your pending outgoing daily challenges? Well not any more  

Live Chess:

Live Chess is once again King with tons of new improvements and features. This is a pretty exciting update to write for sure! 

- Kicking off with a long needed BugHouse improvement: If your partner resigns super early in the game, you won't lose points any longer! Your partner still will drop rating points to help deter rudeness

- With the advent of Arena, Tournaments and Arenas needed a bit of tweaking and we have finished many improvements: 

  • Arena and Touranments are clearly labeled as Swiss or Arena
  • You must now confirm before you withdraw from Tournament
  • When observing you can exit and reenter as often as you like
  • We are adding more Swiss tournaments back to schedule
  • Trophies have been added for Arena

- Power users with tons of games and analysis boards going really had a heck of a time keeping all their pending challenges straight, but not any more!  They all neatly display on your Play Tab now!

- Another oft reqeusted feature is in place now as well: You have more than 15 seconds to make your first move in a 960 game now! All time controls grant you a full 60 seconds before the game will be aborted! Time to put your thinking caps on  

- Focus mode is now a little more zen: 

  • You will get less toaster pop up notifications now!
  • You can click on your opponents avatar to get a player info pop up!

Apps: iOS / Android 

We hard at work for the next update for both of our apps and hope to bring you even more features and updates in the very near future! 

As always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report use the HELP icon in the navigation, or on mobile, Send Feedback in the Settings.

Thanks for your support!