Dev Update: August 4, 2017 Dev Update: August 4, 2017

Aug 4, 2017, 9:49 PM |


Been a big month! We've resolved well over 500 bugs, issues, and tasks which is no small feat for sure! Of course you all are the beneficiaries as we have really cool stuff to share! We'll start with our headline feature: introduced our Public API for developers looking to build their own tools! Want to auto-calculate your win rate as black in the Sicilian for the last two weeks? Now with just a tiny bit of developer knowledge, you can! The possibilities are literally endless!

Join the Developer Community to learn all about it!  

Speaking of developers, is hiring! We are looking for a new Android Developer, new Quality Assurance team member, and Translators galore! (click job title to access application)

For more information about Android Developer see HERE.

As for translators, we are looking for speakers of the following languages: Albanian, Basque, Estonian, Flemish, Greek, Hindi, Irish, Kannada, Kazakh, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Nepali, Pashto, Punjabi, Sinhala, Slovak, Swahili, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Uzbek, Bengali, Croatian, Chinese, Urdu Main: 

- Going forward, you now get an email every time its your move! No more missing when its your turn because you left yourself logged in or did check daily when your opponent moved!

- Want to only play fellow premium members? Back by popular demand is the Premium only filter! 

- Since we mentioned returning features, your daily games will once again auto update if your opponent makes a move while you still have that tab open. 

- Like drills but hate waiting? Us too! The computer will now move much faster in obvious positions. Play a Drill to improve today!

-  Just for all you Club owners: Event Organizers will now be listed on the event in questions: 

- Introducing Safe Mode: are you looking to experience without all the social chatter and just want to play chess without worrying about what your opponent might say? Maybe you are setting up your child's account and want to guarantee they have a family friendly experience, then safe mod is for you! This is just the beginning of safe mode and will soon be much more robust. 

Just visit your Privacy Setting to turn it on! 

Live Chess:

- Hey basic members, are you feeling chatty? Well, we opened chat up a lot for you! For private chats and in-game chats, you are no longer limited to 1 message every 5 seconds. 

- Our poor live chess developer got put through the wringer this month but the result is a better live chess experience for you:

  • Streamers: We have new code in place to reduce lag caused by receiving constant challenges
  • Coaches: Its not perfect, but we fixed an unbelievable amount of bugs with our analysis boards to help with your student lessons. 
  • Have an older computer? Piece movement should be massively smoother for you now! 


Our Android developers continue this streak of rapid fire app releases! Introducing: 3.5.6!

In this release, you will notice that articles and other content are available in many more languages! 

Be sure to download the new upgrade! 

Looking to be "in the know" for coming Android updates? Join the Android Club for details!

As always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report use the HELP icon in the navigation, or on mobile, Send Feedback in the Settings.

Thanks for your support!