Dev Update: June 9, 2017 Dev Update: June 9, 2017

Jun 9, 2017, 5:37 PM |


Everyone gather round; its time for another update!

As with previous weeks, we've continued to make a lot of process with our major site wide project:

  • Internationalization: More and more content in more languages! See HERE for a recent favorite in Spanish by FM Luis Fernández Siles; you don't even have to speak Español to see that this guy is a riot!
  • Vue Migration: Tons of progress here: Large chunks of Live have already completely been rewritten! But as we've mentioned before its a HUGE project! So big in fact, that is looking to add one more front-end, CSS-focused developer to the team. So many pages to re-build and improve (for speed and future platform)!  Those interested should APPLY soon! 

But worry not, we have a few new goodies for you all this week! Main: 

- Recently we announced the ability to save your personal analysis directly into your archive, but now we've taken it a step further: Premium members now have the ability to save the automated computer analysis directly to their archive as well!


- For our serious chess players, you'll be happy to know we just finished a large update to our database of master games! 

- Club Admins, you've been asking for the ability to format your club descriptions and now you have it with access to all the formatting tools that you use with normal forum posts! 

- Speaking of forums, we unleashed a bunch of new spam prevention tools to combat those pesky spammers! As always, if you find spam, please report it to support, or you can notify our Mod Team HERE.

- Did you create a blog, but just didn't know what to write about? Empty blogs now get recommendations! 

Live Chess:

We have a ton of pretty amazing stuff around the corner, but this week Live Chess has been all about bug fixes and adding more stability! 

Stay tuned for more!


3.6.0 is literally (or figuratively) sitting on Apple's desk waiting for their approval! Any day now! 

Interested in helping test the next release before it hits the store? Join the iOS club for details!


Our Android Team has really kicked it into high gear these last few months!

First 3.5.3, then 3.5.4 and now already 3.5.5!

Here are the release notes:

- Squashed some bugs in live chess
- Stability improvements

Looking to be "in the know" for coming Android updates? Join the Android Club for details!

As always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report use the HELP icon in the navigation, or on mobile, Send Feedback in the Settings.

Thanks for your support!