Dev Update - March 31, 2017 Dev Update - March 31, 2017

Mar 31, 2017, 11:15 AM |


Live Chess was king this week! We released lots of improvements and fixed several bugs mostly involving live chess.

Here is the run down:

Live Chess

- Looking for a new cool way to show your immortal game? We have animated gifs now:

       After finishing a live chess game, press the share icon and then use the button shown here to generate a gif:


       Once its ready you can download the gif url and post it just like any other image! Here is an example: 


- Switching to focus mode just got a lot more zen! Just press Z and watch the distractions fade away.

- If you are the admin of both clubs when creating live matches, the match will auto accept making it much easier to get matches going! 

- You only have 15 instead of 20 seconds to make your first move in a bullet game!

- No longer will you get an alert that you declined your own challenge.

- You don't have to be afraid when you partner asks you to stall during a bughouse game anymore! We've removed the "Fair Play Warning" for stalling from bughouse.

- Games less than 30 seconds no longer impact your rating as much. Games 30 seconds or longer are still fully rated as well as games that start with less than 30 seconds but have an increment.

- With the release of sub 1 minute games, we all want to know who has the fastest mouse! Now you can create sub 1 minute tournaments to find out.


- We fixed several bugs related to creating seeks and rematches this week as well. 

Of course we're working on the rest of site as well! See below for a few updates: Main Site

- We made some minor improvements to our vulgar language filter; mostly fixing words that are rude in English, but really common and not rude in other languages.

- Your forum's topics from clubs will now appear under your "My Activity" tab on your home page.

- Want to find everything there is on the site about the Sicilian Defense? We revamped our site search feature to help you do that just.



Lots of work the next big app release: 3.6.0 We won't spill the beans, but some really cool stuff coming for iOS users!

Interested in helping test the next release before it hits the store? Join the iOS club for details!


3.5.3 is well under way with a ton of improvement. Be on the look out for future updates!

As always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report use the HELP icon in the navigation, or on mobile, Send Feedback in the Settings.

Thanks for your support!