Dev Update: May 12, 2017 Dev Update: May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017, 6:07 AM |


An ironic twist in this week's developers update: if you didn't notice much that looked different in the last couple weeks, that means the developers have been hard at work and doing a good job! We're continuing to make progress at rewriting the entire site using vue.js and ousting angular which will results in a faster, more stable,!

But that's not all we did  There are some cool tidbits that we introduced this week! Main Site

- Previously, we announced you could save analysis directly into your games archive, but now you can save analysis for any game on the site and SHARE it with others! 

Just open a game in the Analysis Board Editor, add your analysis, press save (all the same so far!) and then visit the share tab:


Now just give the link to anyone you wish to see your analysis and presto, you've done it!

- Are you a Power Tournament Director? If so, thank you for your service! Now Platinum and Diamond members can both create 75 daily tournaments concurrently! 

- If our videos weren't fast enough to keep up with your brain before, they are now! We introduce variable speeds for video playback! 


- Sharing and connecting with fellow member has always been an important aspect of the site! To that end, we reworked the club recommendations to give you better options for clubs you might want to join. Why don't you join a new club today!

Live Chess

- We restructured the Tournaments page to make live tournament easier to find and join than ever! They are now front and center


Also, when you click a tournament from Live Chess, it no longer automatically joins so you have the option to look at the tournament before committing to play in it! 


I promise it's coming! We won't let you down! 

Interested in helping test the next release before it hits the store? Join the iOS club for details!


We just released a new update two weeks ago, but are already hard at work on the next release! 

If you haven't already updated, HERE is the link!

Looking to be "in the know" for coming Android updates? Join the Android Club for details!

As always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report use the HELP icon in the navigation, or on mobile, Send Feedback in the Settings.

Thanks for your support!