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New Feature Announcement: Achievements!

New Feature Announcement: Achievements!

Feb 6, 2018, 7:57 AM 39

Achievements come to Chess.com!

As if you needed another reason to explore every crevice of Chess.com, but now you have 88 achievements that to motivate you to get your chess on.

Here a few favorites this author has earned:

null  - Win without losing pieces
null  - 10,000 live chess games
null  - 100 friends

Want to know what else you can earn? Easy; head over to Awards in your navigation and check it out!


That’s going to load up all your trophies and achievements. The default is trophies; just select achievements in upper right and bam; there is a list of everything you can currently earn!

Many of you have already earned a good deal of these over the last few years! Where it made sense, we did retroactively award achievements, and for some, you simply need to complete one activity in that group to activate the achievement.


And some we give you the chance to earn all over again! In fact, since achievements release we’ve already awarded over 100,000 achievements!

Once you earn an achievement you typically get a notice the next time you visit HOME letting you know! (not the case for those awarded retroactively)


Good luck everyone earning your achievements? Who will be the first to get them all?

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