What's New In The Latest iOS App?

What's New In The Latest iOS App?

Oct 21, 2016, 1:40 PM |

Plenty! The latest and greatest version of our iOS app has arrived, bringing some bug-fixes but also some great improvements and new features too!

Apple Watch Support
You can't make moves from your wrist quite yet...but we're getting there! The current watch app allows you to get alerts about opponent moves and see the current positions from all yourdaily games. Check it out!

Formerly known as computer workouts, this excellent learning feature has been taken out from the shadows and polished up! If you've never tried it, and you want to improve your chess, you are missing out: Face a strong computer opponent in positions where you have a specific kind of advantage (or resources to manage a draw, at the very least).

Whether or not you can prevail depends on understanding vital chess techniques. This is a perfect complement to Tactics Trainer in your training regimen!

Fun and fast, the vision-training feature lets you test and hone your board vision. Score points by finding the right squares, as White or Black—and try to beat your best time!

At last! Go no further than your device for all the latest events and stories from our intrepid team of chess journalists and commentators.

Visual Tweaks
We also made some cosmetic enhancements throughout the app (along with a bunch of other minor improvements to the interface and experience). Videos and lessons have never looked better!

If you haven't already tried it, click here to get the new Chess.com iOS app. (And if you love it, please consider giving it a five-star rating in the App Store. Those are extremely helpful to us! Thanks!)