Well I wanted to make my second post about chess opening principles but this game of mine really upset me. I had a very nice position: space advantage on the queen side and building up a space advantage on the kingside with plans of later on maneuvering my pieces and slowly condemn black pieces to inactivity but with just a careless move I blundered it all away.

I don't know why I, from time to time,  make moves and don't really look at the board. I fail victim to easy to spot knight forks and my main weakness really is to spot scholar's type of mates. I really do have a blind spot to a queen and bisho attack to one my king weak squares. But I'm working on these main weaknesses of mine.

Now overconfidence really is a bummer and this what happened in this game. So my advice to all of us (including me) is to never let your guard down. Never! And when you're winning just be extra alert to avoid this. 

Anyway here is the game with no annotations (I'm too pissed at myself) and criticise me please!