Chess Mentor & its explanation

Aug 23, 2015, 2:26 PM |


Its no doubt that chess mentor is really a helpful tool of I have learnt a lot from this wonderful tool. But sometimes questions arise in my mind when i read through its explanation.


Yesterday i was trying this problem (See the position below) but when i was reading its explanation a question arise in my mind. . First i played 1...Rxf1 & White relpied with forced move 2.Rxf1 then a explanation come to its comment box (See the picture below). By saying "deflect the White King" & then "pawns can promote things other than Queen" was clearly indicating what the next two move can be Wink. If you are clever enough you can easily find out those to moves. My question is what is the point of "show hint" button just below the comment box if its explain this way ?? Is this explanation really helpful in order to develop your tactical skill ??