Scared my neighbour

Oct 3, 2009, 4:32 AM |

I was too small to still remember, but my father has reminded me about a moment from my younger years.

I don't know if I was five, six or eight years old - but one day our neighbour visited us for coffee. He played chess, but didn't have that big self-confidence.

My father asked him if he wanted to play chess with me, and he said yes. I had learned to put the pieces in the right spots - and so I did. My neighbour seemed a bit surprised. Then I had also learned to open the game, so I just reached out and moved a pawn, and then a knight.

My father has told me he will never forget the neighbour's face, when he finally realized that I actually didn't have a clue. What a relief! He couldn't possibly risk to loose against a kid...