Who I am

Who I am

Feb 26, 2010, 11:36 AM |


Born in Catalonia, I live and work in Burkina Faso. Chess.com has not listed the country even I have asked for since 2010. There are not many players in Burkina Faso, and most of them don´t have internet, we are in one of the poorest countries in the world. 

Anyway, we try to do our best to play in the World League of Chess.com. Burkina Faso team is only for people related to Burkina Faso: born there, living there or holding a Burkina Faso identity card. We have already played with Togo, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Kenya, with different kind of results...

Any kind of free chess internet resources are welcome to be shared with the players of my country. 

See you,



6 years after, I have to add that there is a very shy development of chess in Burkina Faso. Netlog has become a place for dating and any other content has been suppressed, then I have migrated to facebook. My nickname there is just my name and surname and there is nobody else with these names in Burkina Faso.

Chess cannot be more than a leisure activity for me. There are so many better players that means even with a lot of books, a lot of exercises and playing being coached, my level will not improuve substantially.