Why fighting for first page in daily puzzle ?

Aug 4, 2015, 1:05 AM |

Why fighting for  first page in daily puzzle  ?


How you to be in the first page

Why first page ?

1-Your comment will be seen by everybody who enter the daily puzzle page

  1. You may get a reply of your comment from some chess players  the prohibition is more and the percentage to find an answer to your question if any, have more chances.
  2. If you write a good comments people may visit your profile and you will get more profile views and this will help to show how strong you are, that may help you to communicate with more players and you may have friends
  3. You will get more access to your blogs
  4. People will know more about you and they get your real name as most of the names here in the profiles are nicknames or some times just letters and numbers and you may come a cross a real friend  you do not know he is a member .
  5. You may got a trophy from some one admire the way you play or like your  blogs.
  1. You will get more challenges or vise versa you will have something reverse from others.



How to be in the first page

  1. Know the specific and the accurate time the daily puzzles been launched
  2. Keep refreshing the page continuously  and after 5 minutes if the page is not loaded and you see the words (page is missing ) most probably the time is changed for today and it may come later after 30 min or one Hour in most of the cases  this doesn't mean that  the time will be change next day .
  3. Don’t solve the puzzle immediately actually this is not good but it’s a trick you to be in the first page write something quickly like (Hi) because if you delay some one will take your place, there are a professional people first pager they know how to be there for that reason write Hi and come back and edit your comments by writing something related to the puzzle after solving it.
  4. Point number 3 is the most important task for you to be in the first page not less important than point number 2 refreshing the page.


I do not have any reference for this for your information this is just a personal diligence base on my own mind so I may be wrong or right, as no theory for first page in the chess as tilte in chess mentor or in any other article I just been asking myself for some time why people fight for first page and I thought this coud be the reason the first thing I realized that your comment will be seen by every body enter the page and I made this tips to answer for those who may need the answer and those who want to be in first page.