A Carlsenesque position

Nov 16, 2014, 9:07 AM |

My previous blog post featured my latest OTB game. I have not found time to analyze it until now, but now I have discovered why I could not find a win. I quite frankly do not understand the endgame. The conclusion is a bit painful, since it does not really give me anything specific that I can use in future games. If I could just spot some inaccuracy, I could learn from it and try to do better next time. But in this position, I do not know how to proceed, so the road to improvement is so much longer.

After reviewing the game, I have concluded that I am quite satisfied with my play up to the endgame. Move 26, to be exact. At this moment, we reach a Carlsenesque type of position. This is the type of position that the current world champion, Magnus Carlsen, just loves and excels at. However, my Norwegian heritage is unfortunately not enough to take part of that Carlsen magic.

The position below shows the point in the game where I lost track of what to do. What is black's plan? 

With the bishop pair, a better pawn structure, and an extra pawn, this should be a win for black. And the computer agrees. In the comments I have included a line suggested by the computer at depth 25. Analyzing the position again after playing through the moves suggests that black has an increasing advantage.

I do not understand what to do here, even after having seen the moves suggested by the computer. In other words, I need to study the position more.

If anyone has a suggestion for how to come to grips with this (type of) position, please share your thoughts.