In da club

Feb 24, 2014, 1:01 PM |

Today I took an important step – into the local chess club. I have been thinking about this for some time, but have not been able to find the time. More correct is probably that I have not found sufficient motivation. Nevertheless, today I took that step. I was curious about what I would think. Would there be anyone there? Would the people be nice, or cautious towards a stranger like myself? And most importantly: Would it be any fun?

I can happily report that all my questions were answered positively. I was met by very nice people who invited me to play a friendly game of blitz. Shortly after, it was announced that a short blitz tournament would be arranged.

Eight players, including myself, entered the tournament. I was a bit out of my element. Having mostly played online, I fumbled with the pieces and the clock, and found myself setting up the pieces incorrectly – if only for a second. You never need to worry about that on the computer.

The tournament went as you would expect; I finished last. I made some silly blunders, such as setting myself up for a knight fork and losing a rook. My play was not really good, but all things considered I felt good. I managed to draw some blood, and draw a game. With 1.5p I am satisfied with the result.

I am pleased to find that my local chess club is very much alive and that the players are on about the same level as myself and somewhat higher. This should give me some decent sparring partners for the time to come. I was also informed about some upcoming tournaments, which tickled my curiosity a bit.

This will be fun.