My first tournament – part 5: Final round

It is strange that I cannot write or think the words "final round" without adding a "fight" at the end. If you've been playing that videogame as much as I have, you know what I am talking about. Which game you ask? If you have to ask, you're not getting it.

Anyways... This post is not about the final round of a videogame, but the final round of my very first tournament.

I had studied my game with white from the day before, and had a good idea of alternatives in the opening, depending on my opponent's reply. I saw that Magnus Carlsen had played the semi-slav in the Shamkir tournament, so I took that as a sign. I had some ideas that I wanted to run by a friend before the game, so we sat down at a table and discussed the opening. Some random guy came over and asked which game we were discussing, and we replied that we're just fiddling about. It was only later that I realized that the random guy was actually my opponent. To quote a famous TV-personality: D'oh!

As you can imagine, my opponent did not go into the semi-slav. Figures.

Final round. Fight!

My opponent chose an opening that I had never played, so I felt a bit off. I felt I had a grip on the position, but made a few decisive mistakes and finally miscalculated and blundered a piece. I tried to save the draw, but had to throw in the towel at the end.

So a key learning point from this game: Never show your opening preparations if your opponent might see! 

Please feel free to comment the game. I am especially interested in alternative lines for white from move 18 and on.


  • 2 years ago


    Yeah, I realize that I was in fact not in complete control. But I felt that I was. Obviously, I did not take the queenside into full account, as the pawns were ready to march when I thought they were dead in their tracks. This being said, I still think white is slightly better after move 17. Not winning or anything, but at least some initiative.

    My opponent is rated around 1400, which makes this loss all the more painful. Embarassed

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    Dude, by move 17 i am not sure if you are in complete control of the game. Black's pieces are cramped, but white has got no active plan either, except the e5 break, which black has stopeed for now. Black's only source of counter play is on the queenside, if you can somehow stop b5, white would be fine.

    Btw, what was your opponents rating?. the idea of doubling of the e file to stop the e5 break looks good

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