Taking notes = cheating?

Aug 20, 2014, 11:46 AM |

I just finished my first longer-than-30-minutes live game here on the site. As I usually do with my long games on the computer, I documented my thought process while I played. It occurred to me afterwards that this could be considered foul play. I know that this usually is not allowed in OTB games. But here on the site, I don't know.


Is note-taking cheating in live chess? Does anyone know?


Anyhow... Below is my game, littered with my amateurish annotation. Apparently, I missed a major blunder from my opponent, but I do not think I made any of my own. 

The game ended abruptly, as my opponent disconnected. I do not think this was intentionally, as the game was dead even, and perhaps slightly in his favor. Still, it is a sad way to end a game.

As usual, all comments and suggestions are welcome.