The man with the plan

Feb 11, 2014, 2:10 AM |

Yesterday, I played my second long game. This time 60min, and not against anyone known. Some nobody named Hans, who is also a chessmaster AI personality. His rating is 1722, so a bit higher than Josh age 8. I won this game as well, so I am still to find out how my level of play will be rated by the CM program.

This time, I managed to take with me a few lessons learned from my previous games. I am especially proud that I managed to find a plan. It may not have been the best plan (in fact, the engine analysis suggests that it isĀ not), but it is a plan none the less. The position below shows the moment when I decided what to play for. What do you think I played?

I played to exchange my "bad" bishop against his "good" bishop on g7. And for a few moves, this was a theme of the game. Also, my central pawns turned out to be a key factor in the game.
Just as before, I made a few mistakes, some bigger than others, but nothing critical. My opponent made the biggest mistakes, first costing him a bishop and then the game. However, I almost let the game slip away a few times. Against a strong opponent, I would have lost the endgame. So once again, I can conclude that my endgame skills need some improvement.
But I managed to find a plan. So altogether, I am pleased with myself.
Please feel free to comment on the game and what you think I need to work on. I would be especially grateful for comments from higher rated players.