The revenge of Josh Waitzkin

Mar 17, 2014, 12:24 PM |

Josh got his rematch and his revenge. He has already become a year older (9 y/o), and quite a bit stronger. With a 1800-rating, he is a tough competitor. In case you are confused, I am talking about the Chessmaster AI personality Josh - age 9.

Time controls are 60 min, and I have documented my thoughts during the game. 

Before you read on, let me give you a small warning. This is not pretty.

Black has just played 3... e5. What would you play?

What I take from this game is my poor knowledge of the opening. I need to study this opening more. And although 3. Nf3 is not the preferred book move, it at least appears in the CMX opening books. And there are several grandmaster games with 3. Nf3. The move 4. e4, on the other hand has no hits in my database.

Ok. I was crushed by Josh. And I finished the game with a massive blunder. Not that it mattered; it was lost at that point. It stings, but I learned something, so it was not in vain.

For the coming week, I am going to study a few of my favorite openings in more detail.