An interesting, but curious Bullet game

Jul 12, 2013, 12:54 AM |
The following is a 3-minute (no delay or increment) bullet game played in a 6 player round robin tournament on My first round opponent, playing White here, was the highest rated player and I was lucky to be paired against the top seed first. After the game, I thought to myself that "I have to look at this game again... I can't just mindlessly throw away any game I play in this line". 
It's a Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav where White plays 9.0-0-0. I responded with 9...d5 which is a pawn sacrifice. It's a very sharp line as far as I can recollect and I like to think I know the Accepted line well, but I'm by no means any expert. I learned some of the theory while trying this out against a GM during a simul. I learned, because I lost! :)
Here though, the pressure I come up with allowed tactics to go my way. After the tactics went my way, the time factor did as well. Enjoy! I am playing Black.
I welcome any constructive feedback. Although this was a 3-minute game and my best abilities (nor my opponent's) could possibly be optimized, I would definitely appreciate if I missed anything seriously significant.
Last minute edit: If 17...Be6, then 18.Qb4 Rab8 19.Qa3 and I think White has an easier task. The Bc5 is freed from pins due to the Bd3 overdefending c2.