My Highest Rated Draw*

Sep 10, 2015, 4:51 PM |

Note, the asterisk: I achieved this draw in a simul.

I had a few requests to present this game for viewing in some fashion. After being lazy and putting it off, I finally got around to making a blog post about it. I have not analyzed the game on my own yet (except for anything I find as I type this out - note again: my laziness). I'm happy with my performance here but I probably missed wins somewhere!

My opponent is William Aramil and the simul was held at the Glenwood Chess Club in Glenwood, IL. Perhaps someone from Glenwood would be more knowledgable, but I believe there were 20-25 players in the simul. 3 of us are rated over 1800 USCF, while a few others were either unrated (but strong) or underrated. William was gracious enough to allow his opponents to select which color pieces they wanted to use! I elected to use the black pieces because I felt that I needed the practice against a strong player having White.

I apologize for the very light analysis. I appreciate any constructive criticisms that any readers may have. 

I want to thank Ken and Herb at Glenwood for bringing this together. Also, to William for the opportunity and the comments he had for me after the game had ended. It was a fun experience and I look forward to the next one! (Also looking forward to the blitz & quick tournaments coming up in Glenwood!!)