New-blogger, looking for a new way to improve my play!

Mar 31, 2011, 7:07 PM |

Hello chess-playing world. I wanted to introduce myself and try to become more involved in the chess world than I already am. I'm a C-class player (cracked 1600 once!), currently rated 1571 as of the start of 2011. I want to attempt to improve my game in a new method that I haven't tried before. I have never had a coach and have taught myself a lot of major strategy. I utilize Fritz when possible, but there's a lot about the game that a computerized program cannot "teach" me. Unfortunately, I don't have the time (currently, I'm a student-teacher) nor the money to attend training from a titled player. I play online often - mostly in "turn-based" format. I play in a few local clubs on a weekly basis (opposition no stronger than A or B class, USCF).

I would like to put in some of my past games (good and bad, old and more recent) to showcase my play. I wanted to start a blog of my play (I'm by no means a master, but there are plenty of players who can give me some of their expertise!) I have 2 goals for 2011: Win money in the U1700 division of the Chicago Open (I finished 3.5/7 last year; an improvement over the same record from the U1500 division in 2009), and to crack 1800 by the year's end.


(my first game post on here!) I'll post one more game (a loss from 2009)

I hope to continue posting on here, assuming I have some positive feedback! (criticisms more than welcomed!). I've never seen blogs posted from the lower-rated players. So I began one of my own!