Some Crazy, Crazy Games!

Feb 14, 2012, 12:32 PM |

January 31st, 2012 saw me with a 2-1 record at my chess club in northwest, IN. As usual, the time control for this 3 round tournament was G/20 with no delay or increment. I played some familiar opponents but my 2 wins were somewhat spectacular, in my opinion. My loss... well... it was one of those games that I would rather forget (who doesn't have a few forgettable games?).

In round one, my opponent blundered the exchange in the middlegame, but he displayed some initiative for it. Pretty soon, my king came to be in trouble. I would win a 2nd piece but returned it to relieve some pressure. He would succumb to time pressure. Although I don't have the end of the game written down (I had less than 2 minutes left to make the final couple of notated moves), the end result was 0-1, where my opponent offered numerous piece trades. I entered an endgame up a handful of pawns.

My next game featured my devotion to the Alekhine-Chatard Attack against the French Defense. Around move 19, I think I began to run away with a swindle. My opponent, as my previous one, ran into time-trouble and fell for a neat mating trick.
I am now on a 5 game winning streak starting from the previous week. I now play H.H., who has a large winning streak against me. One of our streaks had to break. Unfortunately it was mine (but Spoiler Alert! I end his winning streak against me in the next blog post!). I'm not too proud of this game, but it's a great example of what NOT to do in a quiet Grunfeld position.
If these games weren't crazy enough, look for my next blog. I draw a rook+pawns vs 2 rooks+ pawns (I'm minus the rook!) and come back to win from a major material and positional deficit. I guess I won't fail in displaying an entertaining game in some fashion!