bishops vs knights: for beginners

bishops vs knights: for beginners

Jan 13, 2016, 6:14 AM |

When I started playing chess,in the earlier days i thought that maybe knights are better than the bishops.This was because of two reasons:

1.knights have a unique unimmitable movement of L shape and it can jump over the pieces.

2.In the end game if only knight and bishop remains then the bishop can't touch the opposite coloured pawns.

so i used to pin knights with bishops and exchanged them.But as i approached a higher level and played with higher rated players,they seemed to preserve their bishops.when i started doing the same,my success rate increased.only on close observation i found these reasons:

1.knight has to be moved multiple times to travel one side to the other side of the board while bishop can do it in one or two moves.

2.bishop can control the spaces from very far hence cant be chased away by king other pieces.while a knight can be chased away by a king in the endgame especially.

3.It is true that bishop can not touch opposite coloured pawns but if you combine them with your pawns then it becomes impenetrable for the opponents pieces.

4.bishops are useful in the open games while the knights are useful in the closed position.It is hard to make the game a closed one,so bishops come in handy when opponent tries to open up the position by changing their pawn structure or exchanging the pawns.

so these are the reasons guys.Of course the knight has got its own advantage but in intermediate levels every one saves their bishops before knights.Even the grandmasters tend to love the bishops.

you can put your bishops in your queen side and point them towards opponents' kingside.A proper sacrifice at the correct time may also lead to a win.

so try to preserve them and use them correctly.....