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Manner of Expression

Manner of Expression

Dec 13, 2015, 11:32 AM 2

Hey there,

this is my first blog post ever. Although I really like chess, I'd like to devote this post to another area which might be just as important to: as Mr. Silman says "keep your balance".

I've been on chess.com for a while now and I've already heard some stories about how some people on this website behave. Some things are just too much though. So I'd like to draw your attention to the following screenshot. I believe that I did not purposely try to offend my opponent. I also believe that it is my right to choose my opponent to some extent. So if I don't feel like playing a rematch it should be my right to do so. The play mode, as programmed by the developers of this site, does not forbid it in any way.

So... I live in germany I grew up in germany, but I did mention that my roots lie in Iran trying to defend myself in front of my opponent. The following image shows him as he  ruthlessly insults me. I know that there have been some terroristic activities in france, but that does not involve me. Ppl seem to use it as an excuse to insult everything and everyone around them. Before I was mentionioning my heritage he insulted germans as a whole. So please can somebody tell me what's up with ppl on chess.com?

I can't understand. Neither will it improve your game nor will you make many friends with such an attitude. Whatever the reason. Everyone of us has a bad day. But I refuse to be the punching bag for somebody who has to let out his frustration, abusing the anonymity of the internet. I'm seriously disappointed because I always felt that chess is something special.  Do I have to report this? Does anybody else care about the way social interactions are dealt with? Does the staff care?

If this is normal, maybe chess.com should be shut down.



PS: Constructive comments are appreciated and I'd like to forward you to Greg Shahades musings on chess, which deals with this topic appropriately:


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