Why do I bother?

Sep 1, 2010, 3:11 PM |

Recently it occurred to me to wonder why I bother to learn anything about chess at all.

Maybe some people just want to be all badass and beat other people at a game in order to feel all smart and superior and stuff, but that must not be what's motivating me because, if it were, I probably would have been interested in chess a long time ago. After all, chess is somewhat prestigeous and if you're good at it then people tend to think you must be all smart and stuff, etc.

Basically my experience with chess, until recently, was one of playing it as a little kid, like a little kid, just knowing how the pieces moved and trying silly strategies like moving the rook out first and capturing pieces just because I could. This is actually really boring and if you play like this the game seems much like a little kids' game. Until recently, being really good at chess, even if that made everyone think that you must be really smart, sounded pretty much like being really good at something fundamentally silly and boring.

Now that I know that there are actually all kinds of tactics that can be used and I see more of the "puzzle" aspects of the game, chess seems much more interesting. The more I learn the more fun the game is because it becomes a game of tactics and strategy instead of a game of just trying to attack pieces while hoping your opponent doesn't notice what you're doing.

So I've come to the conclusion that I must be motivated to improve my chess skills because it makes the game more fun, and I just like learning things. Maybe at some point learning more and being better at it won't increase the fun factor and then I'll probably stop learning as much, but then again maybe learning more will always make the game more fun and maybe I'll keep doing it.