What I’ve Learned From Chess and Why I’m Finished.

What I’ve Learned From Chess and Why I’m Finished.

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I just wanted to preface this by saying that I'm not writing this with the expectation of getting views. I also don't expect very many people to care. However, there were enough people asking about my next blog and asking why I wasn't active that I felt the need to write this. That's all.

It's come to the point where there's nothing left to be desired or feasibly accomplished by me in the field of chess. In fact, chess was becoming somewhat of a waste of time, a distraction from what I needed to get done in my life and what I wanted to get done in my life. Not to mention how frustrating it was. I was winning games as often as I was losing them and I had never really reached OTB success. I truly believed I had reached my highest rating and accomplished as much as I was capable of in chess. This was my plateau. 

Nevertheless, I am forever appreciative for what I have accomplished as a result of chess. Blogging on has kick-started my writing career, and the outpouring of support I received from the community improved my confidence and helped motivate me to keep writing. It also opened up several opportunities in my life, such as chess coaching positions, social connections, etc.

I'm also thankful for the people on The social side of was very strong and present in its prime and had an atmosphere of unity and positivity. I was lucky enough to be part of what I believe to be the best niche communities on and it was their guidance and support that propelled my blogging career and ushered my chess improvement.

Of course, there's also the intellectual benefits that come with chess. I've noticed a drastic improvement in my short-term memory and memorization skills even in everyday areas outside of chess. Chess has also taught me patience and perseverance, two traits necessary to play the game of 64 squares. 

Sadly, this will be my final chess blog on and most likely the last time I'm seen posting or actively contributing to the site. I wish everyone who reads this the best and I look forward to the new chapters of my life. 

With every door that closes, a new one opens. -Alexander Graham Bell