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C21 A Correspondence Classic

C21 A Correspondence Classic

Aug 4, 2012, 2:22 PM 1

NOTE: I seem to have posted this game with an incomplete game score, so here it is again in all its FULL glory - NR

"The Danish Gambit is the romantic player's dream opening. It was first analyzed by a Danish jurist named Blankensteiner in 1830. In 1856 a Swedish player, Dr. H.A.W. Lindehn, proposed 4. Bc4 sacrificing a second pawn. This was used by the Dane Martin From (who is usually credited with the opening) in Paris in 1867.

In the early years of the 20th-century Marshall, Blackburne, Alekhine and  Mieses used the gambit in serious games, but with the 1920's it sank into desuetude as Black's defense became known. There are no GMs who use it in serious competition today, although it could be due for a revival as has happened to other romantic-era openings."

SOURCE: MCO-15 by GM Nick de Firmian, © 2008 p 141.

PICTURE: Chess Players by James Northcote, 1746 - 1831.

GAME SOURCE: Modern Chess Miniatures by Leonard Barden & Wolfgang Heidenfeld, © 1960 pp 22-3. Unattributed analysis and commentary is by Heidenfeld, any reference to games past 1960 is from MCO-15.

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