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D94 Another Tribute to GM Gligoric

D94 Another Tribute to GM Gligoric

Aug 20, 2012, 1:00 AM 1

For a brief bio on GM Gligoric see the link to additional Gligoric games below

Wolfgang Uhlmann (born 29 March 1935) is a prominent German International Grandmaster of chess. Despite being a dedicated professional chess player, and undoubtedly the GDR's most successful ever, he has also had a career in accountancy.

His most promising attempt at World Championship qualification occurred at the Palma de Mallorca Interzonal of 1970, where he tied for fifth and sixth place and reached the Candidates Matches held the following year. But his quarter-final match with Bent Larsen in Las Palmas ended in disappointment – a 5½–3½ victory for Larsen, and Uhlmann was not able to come so close again.

It was during the 1960s that Uhlmann made a lasting impression on the international tournament scene. He shared victory (with Polugaevsky) at Sarajevo 1964, tied for first (with Smyslov) at Havana 1964, tied for first (with Ivkov, and ahead of World Champion Petrosian) at Zagreb 1965, tied for first (with Spassky) at Hastings 1965/66, tied for first (with Bronstein) at Szombathely 1966, tied for first (with Liberzon) at Zinnowitz 1967 and tied for first (with Bronstein) at the Berlin 'Lasker Memorial' in 1968. At Raach in 1969, a zonal tournament, he finished two points clear of the field (which included Lajos Portisch).

Into the 1970s and 1980s, there was further success. He tied for first (with Bronstein and Hort) at Hastings 1975/76, placed second (behind Karpov) at Skopje 1976, finished first at Vrbas 1977, tied for first (with Farago and Knaak) at Halle 1978 and was an outright winner at Halle 1981. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Uhlmann

GAME SOURCE: Modern Chess Miniatures by IM Leonard Barden & Wolfgang Heidenfeld, ©1960 p. 160; notes by IM Barden and Nunn's Chess Openings (NCO) © 1999 by GM Nunn et al. p 439

ADDITIONAL GLIGORIC GAMES: http://blog.chess.com/RoboRoy?keyword=gligoric

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