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Chess Links for Dummies (and smarties as well)

Chess Links for Dummies (and smarties as well)

Jan 9, 2012, 12:13 AM 3

L to R: Lasker, Chigorin, Steinitz and Pillsbury from p. 9 of the Russian 1909 St Petersburg Tnmt book SOURCE: http://www.chesshistory.com/winter/winter65.html

Here's some Interesting chess links for those of you with too much time on their hands:


http://www.chesshistory.com/winter/archives.html (great chess site for accurate chess biographies and history)

http://www.chesscafe.com/ (great chess site for articles)

http://blog.chess.com/Spektrowski/quothe-who-hated-drawsquot-special-feature-2-ostende-1905-report (check out more blogs by Spektrowski as well, inc interviews with Tal)

http://blog.chess.com/billwall/crimes-against-chess-players (and be sure to check out many more articles by Bill Wall)

http://www.chessmetrics.com/cm/  Very interesting site for "historical chess ratings" 

http://www.chesshistory.com/winter/extra/factfinder.html An extremely detailed chess "factfinder" list from Edward Winter's Chess Notes archives

http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=8881 A fascinating discussion about the strongest GMs in history AND includes links to 4 very detailed articles about chessmetrics ratings by its inventor Jeff Sonas

http://www.edochess.ca/index.html  Very interesting site not only for "historical chess ratings" but also for very detailed match and tnmt records

http://www.chessquotes.com/ An awesome site for quotes by and about GMs and every aspect of the game! Many of these quotes are instructive as well as entertaining.

http://www.chess.com/blog/batgirl  The "Queen of the chess.com bloggers"  has many fascinating articles on chess biography, history and trivia

http://www.chess-poster.com/index.htm  VG source for chess facts, history, trivia, etc.

http://www.zfchess.com/engines.html  VG guide to chess engines inc Houdini 3 among many others, with info on premium and free versions.

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