Chess Links for Dummies (and smarties as well)

L to R: Lasker, Chigorin, Steinitz and Pillsbury from p. 9 of the Russian 1909 St Petersburg Tnmt book SOURCE:

Here's some Interesting chess links for those of you with too much time on their hands: (great chess site for accurate chess biographies and history) (great chess site for articles) (check out more blogs by Spektrowski as well, inc interviews with Tal) (and be sure to check out many more articles by Bill Wall)  Very interesting site for "historical chess ratings" An extremely detailed chess "factfinder" list from Edward Winter's Chess Notes archives A fascinating discussion about the strongest GMs in history AND includes links to 4 very detailed articles about chessmetrics ratings by its inventor Jeff Sonas  Very interesting site not only for "historical chess ratings" but also for very detailed match and tnmt records An awesome site for quotes by and about GMs and every aspect of the game! Many of these quotes are instructive as well as entertaining.  The "Queen of the bloggers"  has many fascinating articles on chess biography, history and trivia  VG source for chess facts, history, trivia, etc.  VG guide to chess engines inc Houdini 3 among many others, with info on premium and free versions.


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    nimzoroy this is just fantastic, thankyou.

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    Nice links. 

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    Correctamundo, but maybe this picture still appeared in the 1909 tnmt book, although it does seem like it would have been more appropriate in the 1896 tnmt book. Perhaps Winter made a mistake for a change?

  • 5 years ago

    NM GargleBlaster

    Pillsbury died in 1906.  I'm guessing that photo is of the 1896 tournament in St. Petersburg.

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