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C51 Clemenz Clobbers Eisenschmidt!

C51 Clemenz Clobbers Eisenschmidt!

Aug 22, 2012, 2:24 PM 1

"This bold gambit immediately livens the game by offering a wing pawn to gain time for development and attacking the center. It was popularized in the 1830s by Capt W.D. Evans (pictured here, who the late GM Larry Evans accused of "living off of my reputation" - NR) and used extensively by Morphy to score many brilliant victories. Yet by the 20th-century the verdict was that it was simply a tricky plan that allowed a good defense with equal chances at best, and probably more. This verdict changed in 1995 when Kasparov took up the ED for 2 games and there was quite a revival of interest in it. Enterprising attacking players took it up and the Evan's glory days returned for a while. The defense has now been reviewed and Black is theoretically fine, but open and lively games result." - MCO-15

GAME SOURCES: Modern Chess Miniatures © 1960 by IM Leonard Barden & Wolfgang Heidenfeld 1960 pp 19-20 (unattributed analysis/comments by IM Barden); The Fireside Book of Chess (FB) by Irving Chernev & Fred Reinfeld © 1949 pp 355-6

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