Fischer - Spassky 1972 WCH Game 18  (B69)

Fischer - Spassky 1972 WCH Game 18 (B69)

Feb 2, 2013, 4:40 PM |

The night before this game a chemical and x-ray analysis was made of the playing area in response to Russian charges that the place was "Bobby-trapped." Samples from the chairs, walls, chessboard and air in the room were placed in bags, subjected to various fluids and whirled in a centrifuge, with identical results for all samples: nothing suspicious was found in any of them. Both chairs were X-Rayed and an electrical engineer examined the overhead lighting fixtures in a fruitless search for electronic or other devices that might "intefere" with Spassky's brainwaves or concentration during the games. His search uncovered two dead flies, apparently the only victims of the "Bobby-Traps."

The postcard shown here was created by Halldor Petursson, a famous Icelandic caricature artist who drew 18 cartoons of the match for a local newspaper. To see all his artwork, uncropped, click on this link or cut-and-paste it into your browser addr window

Here's another exciting draw from what is probably the most famous WCH in the history of chess: