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Fischer - Spassky WCH 1972 - Game 14 - D37 - QGD Classical Var

Fischer - Spassky WCH 1972 - Game 14 - D37 - QGD Classical Var

Jan 2, 2013, 4:39 AM 6

"About 50 teenagers and as many adults waited outside the stage door in the drizzle for a glimpse of Bobby...Bobby is driven right to the door and never acknowledges the crowd. After seeing him lope in, an American girl said "That makes my day. Now I can go back to NC and say I saw the great Bobby. He's a real louse isn't he?"  (From "Chess World Championship" by GM Evans and Ken Smith, "Game 14" p. 163)

In Game 14 Bobby played the QGD Classical Variation with 5.Bf4 instead of the usual Bg5 and drifted into an inferior game, but once again was saved from disaster (or at least a long torturous draw) when Spassky erred in a favorable position. As usual the game is fascinating especially when viewed by three GMs (Evans, Gligoric and Krogius) who don't always see eye-to-eye every move but who do point out many details I'd never grasp by looking at a barebones game score with no notes.

Halldor Petursson (1911 - 1976) was a famous Icelandic caricature artist who drew cartoons of the match for a local newspaper. You can see 18 of them as they were meant to be seen (they end up getting shrunk and cropped here) @ http://www.dos.is/chess/3_halldor_postcards.html

Left to Right: Spassky's seconds GMs Geller,Krogius (both unseen here), and Nei; Chief Arbiter GM Schmid (sweating in a neutral corner) along with an unidentified man; Fischer's bodyguard Saemundur (Saemi, a.k.a “Saemi Rock”) Palsson and his (unseen here) second GM Wm Lombardy (aka Father Lombardy until 1978).

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