Fischer-Spassky 1972 WCH (Final) Game No. 21  (ECO B46)

Fischer-Spassky 1972 WCH (Final) Game No. 21 (ECO B46)

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Halldor Petursson (1911 - 1976) was a famous Icelandic caricature artist who drew cartoons of the match for a local newspaper. In this one we see, from Left to Right Spassky's seconds GM Geller, Krogius (wearing glasses), Spassky, Fischer, his bodyguard, his second GM Lombardy, unidentified, above them is Chief Arbiter GM Schmid (wearing glasses) and the assistant arbiter, below them is Chester Fox (trying to steal Fischer's winnings); former WCH Max Euwe is trying to grab Fischers crown back as he is held by IM Golombeck(?), Fischer's atty, unidentified, GM Olafsson(?) is on the far left.

Fischer sent Spassky a friendly letter and a a gift camera as the defeated Soviet GM prepared to check out of his hotel in Iceland. "Fischer is a man of art, but he is a rare human being in the everyday life of this century. I like Fischer and I think that I understand him" Spassky later said. (Source 1, p 257)

Bobby received the following telegram (huh? what's that?) after winning the long coveted crown:

Dear Bobby, 

Your convincing victory in Rejkavik is eloquent witness to your complete mastery of the world's most difficult and challenging game. The Championship you have won is a great personal triumph for you and I am pleased to join countless of your fellow-citizens in extending my heartiest congratulations and best wishes

Sincerely yours,

Richard Nixon  

(IBID, p 261)  

FUN FACT: President Nixon apparently wasn't pleased enough to invite Bobby to a White House Dinner, IMHO possibly because he still recalled that Fischer was all set to go home after his forfeit in Game 2 until Secretary of State Henry Kissinger personally asked him (via a phone call) to continue playing and not quit. Were Henry and Richard big chess fans? Probably not, but coincidentally the US was negotiating to keep a big USAF base in Iceland at the time and if Bobby quit it was feared the irate Icelanders might tell the USAF to follow the tempermental Fischer back to the US