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B80 Gligoric 1 Fischer 0

B80 Gligoric 1 Fischer 0

Sep 2, 2012, 1:51 AM 1

In the following game I have compiled notes from 2 different sources so if you see "?" or "!" etc in the notes this means only GM Mednis annotated the move. More interesting divergences include the facts that both sources disagree on when Fischer resigned and there is also a crucial disagreement on the move order after 35.Re3. Further disagreements will be obvious as you read over the notes, as Mednis makes several pointed comments on Fischer's play where Levy is silent and Levy's silence is apparently not in agreement with the sentiments expressed by Mednis, such as his remarks after 25. Qg3? and 27.Rad1! - both moves being unnoted and unremarked upon by Levy. Also note their apparent disagreement (or alternate views of the position) after 31.Qg3.

Pictured above: Gligoric (L) vs Fischer (age 16!) at the 1958 Portoroz Interzonal Tnmt

SOURCES: Gligoric's Best Games of Chess 1945-1970 pp 132-3 by IM Levy; How to Beat Bobby Fischer by GM Edmar Mednis pp 150-4

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