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K+2P vs K+2P Endings

K+2P vs K+2P Endings

Jan 31, 2012, 1:03 PM 9

Richard Réti (28 May 1889, Bösing (now Pezinok) – 6 June 1929, Prague) was an ethnic JewishAustrian-Hungarian, later Czechoslovakian chess player, chess author, and composer of endgame studies. He was born in Pezinok which at the time was in the Hungarian part of Austria-Hungary, where his father worked as a physician in the service of the Austrian military.

In 1925 Réti set, and for a time held, the world record for blindfold chess with twenty-nine games played simultaneously. He won twenty-one of these, drew six, and only lost two.

His writings have also become "classics" in the chess world. Modern Ideas in Chess (1923) and Masters of the Chess Board (1933) are still studied today.

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