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K+P Endgames with multiple pawns

K+P Endgames with multiple pawns

Feb 24, 2012, 11:00 PM 16

Harry Nelson Pillsbury (December 5, 1872 – June17, 1906), was a leading chess player. At age 22, he won one of the strongest tournaments of the time (Hastings 1895 chess tournament), but his illness and early death prevented him from challenging for the World Chess Championship.

Pillsbury had an even record against Lasker (+5-5=4). He even beat Lasker with the Black pieces at Saint Petersburg in 1895 and at Augsburg in 1900 (however this was an offhand game, not played in a tournament):

Pillsbury also had an even score against Steinitz (+5-5=3), but a slight minus against Chigorin (+7-8=6), Tarrasch (+5-6=2)and against Joseph Henry Blackburne (+3-5=4), while he beat David Janowski (+6-4=2) and Géza Maróczy (+4-3=7) and had a significant edge over Carl Schlechter (+8-2=9). See Pillsbury's famous endgame win in Puzzle #99!

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