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C82 Mardle mops up the Motzko variation!

C82 Mardle mops up the Motzko variation!

Aug 4, 2012, 3:52 PM 1

     "The Motzko Variation certainly has to be respected. 
     In modern tournament chess, the obvious candidate to
turn to is Andrei Sokolov who has adopted the line. The Russian grandmaster, who now resides in France, can be an exceptional player and in the 1980s was ranked third in the world behind Kasparov and Karpov." 

IM Gary Lane http://www.chesscafe.com/text/lane144.pdf (This article looks like an excellent read for anyone interested in researching the apparently obscure Motzko Variation - NR)

GAME SOURCE: Modern Chess Miniatures, © 1960 by Leonard Barden and Wolfgang Heidenfeld p 133. Analysis/commentary is by Barden (LB) and IM Lane (GL) whose comments are from the chess cafe article listed above.

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