Opening Index by ECO Codes

Click on the ECO Code (A00 - E99) to go directly to the game. You can also look games up by the name of the opening (ie Ruy Lopez - Berlin Variation, QGD - Tartakower Defense etc) or by the players names in my other indices. 

A00 Sokolsky Opening

A04 Lisitsin Gambit 

A04 Closed Sicilian Defense (in effect)

A26 English Opening - Closed Variation

A39 EO - Symmetrical System - 4 Kts Var

A50 - Queen's Fianchetto Defense

A51 - Budapest Defense, Fajarowicz Variation

A55 - Old Indian Defense

A77 - Benoni Defense

A82 - Dutch Defense - Staunton Gambit

A92 - Dutch Defense

B01 Scandinavian Defense    2nd Game

B03 Alekhine's Defense

B05 Alekhine's Defense - Modern Variation

B09 Pirc Defense - Austrian Attack   (2nd game)

B13 - CKD - Panov-Botvinnik Attack

B20 Sicilian Defense - Wing Gambit

B46 SD - Kan/Paulsen/Taimanov Variation

B60 SD - Richter-Rauzer Attack

B62 SD - Richter-Rauzer Attack

B68 SD - Richter-Rauzer Attack

B80 SD -Schveningen Variation

B86 SD - Najdorf Variation - 6.Bc4

B88 SD - Fischer Variation 6.Bc4

B90 SD - Najdorf Var 6.h3

B97 SD - Najdorf PP Var  1972 WCH Game 7

B97 SD - Najdorf PP Var  1972 WCH Game 11

B97 SD - Najdorf PP Var  Keres-Fuderer

B99 SD - Najdorf Defense 6.Bg5

C11 French Defense - Steinitz Var

C12 French Defense - MacCutcheon Var

C13 FD - Rubinstein Variation

C15 FD - Winawer Variation

C18 FD - Winawer Variation 5...Ba5

C21 Danish Gambit Accepted

C32 Falkbeer Counter Gambit

C33 KGA - Modern Defense 3...d5

C36 KGA - Modern Defense

C39 KGA - Fischer's Defense 3...d6

C41 Philidor's Counter-Gambit

C42 Petroff Defense Sanguinetti - Puiggros

C42 Petroff Defense Keres-Alexander 1954

C47 Scotch Game - Four Kts Variation

C48 Four Kts Game - Rubinstein Variation

C51 Evans Gambit

C52 Evans Gambit

C57 Fried Liver Attack

C61 Ruy Lopez - Birds Defense 3...Nd4

C62 RL - Old Steinitz Defense 3...d6

C64 RL - Classical Defense 3...Bc5

C65 RL - Berlin Defense 4.Qe2  

C66 RL - Old Steinitz Defense

C67 RL - Berlin Defense

C69 RL - Exchange Variation

C72 RL - Modern Steinitz Defense

C77 RL - Closed Defense - Anderssen Variation

C77 RL - Wormald Attack  

C82 RL - Open Defense - Motzko Variation

C85 RL - Double Delayed Exchange Var

C90 RL - Closed Defense

C95 RL - Breyer Defense

D00 - Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

D32 - QGD - Tarrasch Defense

D37 - QGD - Classical Variation

D41 - QGD - Semi-Tarrasch Defense

D59 - QGD - Tartakower Defense

D55 - QGD - Orthodox Defense

D66 - QGD - Orthodox Defense

D73 - Neo-Grunfeld Defense (aka Fianchetto Grunfeld)

D86 Grunfeld Defense - Exchange Variation

D94 Grunfeld Defense 4.Nc3 Bg7 5.e3

E15 QID - Nimzovitch Variation 4...b6

E41 - NimzoIndian Defense - 4.e3

E56  NID - Rubinstein Var

E60 KID/Grunfeld Defense with 3.f3

E61 King's Indian Defense - 4.Bg5  



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