Opening Index by Names - and some Nimzovitch trivia

Opening Index by Names - and some Nimzovitch trivia

Dec 29, 2012, 11:48 PM |

Click on the opening to go to the game. Multiple entries for the same name and/or ECO code refer to different games and aren't duplicate entries.

Pictured here is the great hypermodern GM Aron Nimzovitch, who probably holds the record for the most openings and variations named after one player. In addition to the Nimzovitch Attack, Nimzovitch Defense and NimzoIndian Defense openings he also has his very own variations in the Falkbeer Counter Gambit, Ruy Lopez, Sicilian Defense, Queens Indian Defense, Latvian Counter-Gambit, Philidors Defense, English Opening, French Defense, Caro-Kann Defense and the Benoni Defense. In addition the wrongly attributed French Defense Winawer Variation should also be named after him, Winawer played it once in his life whereas Nimzovitch really pioneered the opening and made it respectable; the French Defense and Caro-Kann Advance Variations should also be named after him.

Here's a few of his memorable quotes:

The isolated pawn casts gloom over the entire chessboard.

Even the laziest king flees wildly in the face of double check.

The beauty of a move lies not in its' appearance but in the thought behind it.

First restrain, next blockade, lastly destroy.

Steinitz had perhaps only one deficiency: he was ahead of his generation by at least 50 years!

The passed Pawn is a criminal, who should be kept under lock and key. Mild measures, such as police surveillance are not sufficient. 


B03  Alekhine's Defense  

B05  Alekhine's Defense - Modern Variation                                  

A77   Benoni Defense                                         

D00   Blackmar-Diemer Gambit                            

A51  Budapest Defense, Fajarowicz Variation   

B13  Caro-Kann Defense - Panov-Botvinnik Attack  

B01 Center-Counter Defense  2nd blog

C21  Danish Gambit Accepted                           

A82  Dutch Defense - Staunton Gambit  

A92 Dutch Defense             

A26  English Opening - Closed Variation

A39  EO - Symmetrical System - 4 Kts Game

C51   Evans Gambit    

C52   Evans Gambit                                         

C32  Falkbeer Counter Gambit                          

C48  Four Kts Game - Rubinstein Variation    

C12  French Defense - MacCutcheon Variation     

C13  FD - Rubinstein Variation

C11 FD - Steinitz Variation

C15  FD - Winawer Variation           

C18  FD - Winawer Variation 5...Ba5                 

C57  Fried Liver Attack  (Two Kts Defense)

D73 Neo-Grunfeld Defense (aka Fianchetto Grunfeld)                          

D86  Grunfeld Defense - Exchange Variation        

D94  Grunfeld Defense 4.Nc3 Bg7 5.e3                

C33  KGA - Modern Defense 3...d5                       

C36  KGA - Modern Defense                              

C39  KGA - Fischer's Defense 3...d6                    

C32  KGD - Falkbeer Counter Gambit                   

E60  KID/Grunfeld Defense with 3.f3                  

E61  King's Indian Defense - 4.Bg5                             

A04  Lisitsin Gambit

E30  NimzoIndian Defense - Leningrad Variation       

E56  NID - Rubinstein Variation

A55 Old Indian Defense                                   

A00  Orangutan Opening  (AKA Polish or Sokolsky Opening)                 

C41 Philidor's Counter-Gambit (Philidors Defense)                         

C42  Petroff Defense  

B09  Pirc Defense - Austrian Attack    

B09 Pirce Defense - Austrian Attack (2)                                

A50  Queen's Fianchetto Defense

D37  Queens Gambit Declined - Classical Variation

D55  QGD - Orthodox Defense

D66 QGD - Orthodox Defense

D41  QGD - Semi-Tarrasch Defense                     

D32  QGD - Tarrasch Defense                             

D59  QGD - Tartakower Defense                        

E15  QID - Nimzovitch Variation 4...b6                 

C65  Ruy Lopez - Berlin Defense 4.Qe2                   

C67  RL - Berlin Defense  

C95  RL - Breyer Variation                             

C61  RL - Birds Defense                

C64  RL - Classical Defense 3...Bc5                  

C90  RL - Closed Defense  

C77  RL - Closed Defense - Anderssen Var                         

C85  RL - Double Delayed Exchange Var    

C69  RL - Exchange Var

C72  RL - Modern Steinitz Defense                  

C62  RL - Old Steinitz Defense 3...d6    

C66 RL - OId Steinitz Defense 3...d6                   

C82  RL - Open Defense - Motzko Variation                     

C77  RL - Wormald Attack                                     

B01  Scandinavian Defense     2nd Game  

C47  Scotch Game, Four Kts Variation                                    

A04  Sicilian Defense - Closed Var (in effect)  

B88  SD - Fischer Variation (aka Sozin Attack)   

B46  SD - Kan/Paulsen/Taimanov Var                     

B86  SD - Najdorf Variation - Fischer Var

B90 SD - Najdorf Var 6.h3

B97  SD - Najdorf Poisoned Pawn Variation  Keres - Fuderer

B97  SD - Najdorf PP Variation    Fischer - Spassky WCH #7

B97  SD - Najdorf PP Var  Fischer - Spassky WCH #11

B99  SD - Najdorf Variation 6.Bg5

B46  SD - Paulsen Variation                   

B60  SD - Richter-Rauzer Attack                                    

B62  SD - Richter-Rauzer Attack    

B68  SD - Richter-Rauzer Attack                              

B80  SD -Schveningen Variation

B88  SD - Sozin Attack (Fischer Variation) 

B46  SD - Taimanov Variation                               

B20  SD - Wing Gambit                            

A00 Sokolsky Opening  (AKA Orangutan or Polish Opening)