Petrosian Pummels Fischer!

Petrosian Pummels Fischer!

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Before the two future World Champions squared off in this game "Tiger" Tigran Petrosian was +2 -1 =3 vs the "Bobby" Fischer, and after the game was +3 -1 =3 thanks to Bobby's use of an "irresponsible" line as White vs the French Defense MacCutcheon Variation - according to GM de Galaway, and "3rd-rate" according to GM Mednis, who both provide analysis and commentary for this game. BUT by the end of his career in 1972 Fischer's record vs Petrosian was an impressive +10 - 4 = 16, especially when you consider 3 of his 4 losses were when he was 19 or younger.

As an extra added bonus, here's a picture of 3 World Champions (L to R): Fischer, Tal and a suspicious Petrosian apparently checking out the world's youngest GM back in 1959.

Albéric O'Kelly de Galway (17 May 1911, Brussels – 3 October 1980, Brussels) was a Belgian chess Grandmaster (1956), and an International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster (1962), most famous for being the third ICCF World Champion in correspondence chess between 1959 and 1962. He was also a chess writer. One of his most notable games was a draw with Bobby Fischer.

O'Kelly de Galway was made an International Arbiter in 1962 and was the chief arbiter of the world championship matches between Tigran Petrosian and Boris Spassky in 1966 and 1969. In 1974 he was the arbiter for the Moscow KarpovKorchnoi match.

BUT he was not a "Count" although he claimed to be one; apparently all of his impressive chess achievements weren't enough to satisfy him.