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A51 Schmid socks it to Deutgen

A51 Schmid socks it to Deutgen

Jun 19, 2012, 12:01 AM 1

Lothar Maximilian Lorenz Schmid (born 10 May 1928) is a German chess grandmaster who was born in Dresden. He is best known as the arbiter of several World Chess Championship matches. Also a collector of chess books and paraphernalia, he owns the largest known private chess library in the world and has a renowned collection of chess art masterpieces and chess boards and pieces from all around the globe.

Schmid is also a well known chess arbiter, awarded the International Arbiter (IA) title in 1975. He was the arbiter for the Fischer–Spassky 1972, Karpov–Korchnoi 1978, Kasparov–Karpov 1986 World Championship matches, and also Fischer–Spassky 1992 (the 'Revenge Match').

SOURCES: Wikipedia (biography); Modern Chess Miniatures by Leonard Barden and Wolfgang Heidenfeld 1960 p 119; MCO-15 pp 504-5 col 6 for analysis/games after 1960

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