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E15 Smyslov socks it to Uhlmann

E15 Smyslov socks it to Uhlmann

Oct 16, 2012, 3:41 PM 1

"Of all the Indian Defenses, the most solid and risk free is the QID. Black restrains White's center without weakening his/her pawn structure, ceding the Bishop-pair, or making another significant concession. The only negative factor is that White will have a little more space, but this is not enough to significantly restrict the Black pieces.

The Queen's Indian was developed by Nimzovitch and other hypermodern (players) in the early 20th-century. While many top players use it today, its most notable exponent has been Karpov, whose style is exactly like this opening - correct and safe, with possibilites for active play." MCO-15 p. 563

GM Smyslov is pictured here.

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